Skybitz Inc., has patented its own tracking technology 100 % satellite for trailers that enables perfect logistic supervision and supply chain control. Skybitz devices are easily installed and are 100% configurable via web. The company has been awarded, among others, by Deloitte as the 2nd fastest growing technology company in the US.

Solaiemes is a top innovating Spanish start-up offering Mobile consultancy, integration services and communication SaaS. Solaiemes has developed and patented several plattforms (Liveserve, AVISG, Voxserve) which dramatically improve mobile usability and 3G networks. A wide range of applications is possible for this technology: contact centers, security systems, marketing, CRM, Government, web, social networks, etc. Solaiemes has been recently awarded in San Diego as a Top 100 Tech Start-up in the World by Red Herring.

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