Infrastructure and Logistics

Ports America
Ports America Group is the largest American terminal operator, stevedore and vehicle processor with operations in 50 ports and 97 terminals within the United States, Mexico and Chile. Handling over 12 million TEU, 2 million vehicles, 5 million tons of general cargo and 1 million cruise ship passengers, Ports America has operations ranging from pure container terminals to ‘under the hook stevedoring’. Operations also include bulk and break-bulk facilities, world class cruise terminals, intermodal facilities and quality care RoRo handling. Amports, a division of Ports America, is one of the largest vehicle processing businesses in North America.

Grupo Faharo is Ports America’s partner in Mexico, being responsible for its participation in the privatization processes of several ports (Manzanillo, Lázaro Cárdenas, Mazatlán, Veracruz and the project Punta Colonet in Baja California).

AMPORTS is a leader in the automotive processing industry. With 10 seaport locations and one inland rail head in the United States and Mexico, AMPORTS is one of the largest auto processors in North America and processes over one million vehicles annually. Currently AMPORTS operates 4 terminals in Mexico: two on the West coast, Mazatlán and Lázaro Cárdenas, one on the East coast, Altamira, and one inland terminal in Toluca, providing distribution from the port to the sales point. Renowned brands as Chrysler, Toyota, Mazda and FAO are part of its customer’s portfolio.

Puerta México
Located 50 km far from Mexico City in Toluca, State of Mexico, Puerta Mexico provides intermodal rail and truck services, customs clearance, storage (open air and warehouse), transloading, cross docking and auto inspection&storage. The terminal is interconnected by rail (KCSM) and by truck with the main ports on both coasts, border cities and industrial areas in the country.
Puerta México was adquired by Ports America Group in 2008.

Port of Los Angeles
Having worked together with Los Angeles Port Authority, based in San Pedro, California, Grupo Faharo became its intelligence unit in Mexico and Latin America, doing market research and logistics studies in the Americas.

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